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Go Agile with Jira

Go Agile with Jira

Your Jira experience differs, based on how your organization has deployed it. You may be running in the Cloud or as a Server deployment, so enroll for whichever you’re using. To determine which you’re using, open a browser with your Jira instance and view the URL address. If the URL includes, you’re on a Cloud platform ( would be a Cloud instance). If not, then you’re on Server.

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Total Play Time: 78 min

This series is for new Jira Software users. These tutorials focus on creating and configuring Scrum boards, creating, updating and working on issues, planning and running sprints, and enhancing boards for ease of use by the development team.


Anyone who will manage agile software development: developers, team leads, product owners, product managers and scrum masters to name a few. Some Jira and agile knowledge is assumed.


  • Introducing Scrum and Kanban Boards (9 min)
  • Creating a Project (4 min)
  • Configuring Workflows and Columns (9 min)
  • Quick Filters and Swimlanes (6 min)
  • Creating an Issue (5 min)
  • Building up Your Issue (6 min)
  • Prioritizing and Estimating (7 min)
  • Starting a Sprint (4 min)
  • Updating Issues (3 min)
  • Transitioning Issues (5 min)
  • Finishing an Active Sprint (3 min)
  • Using Reports (6 min)


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