I work on an Agile Development Team

The Agile team consists of developers and a Scrum master. Our team typically assists the product owner in organizing and prioritizing issues in the backlog. Someone on the team creates and configures Scrum boards, configuring them to use quick filters and swim lanes. We also configure the board to set the type of metric used for estimating work, and to enable developers to log and track the time spent on an issue. Someone on the team assigns members to the various project roles and also creates project links that leverage the integration of development and collaboration tools with Jira.

When it's time to plan a sprint, we estimate work effort for each issue,create the sprint and then begin chunking issues into sub-tasks for easier time tracking. During the sprint, we rely on the development tool data that is surfaced in the detail view of an issue. It's important that we know how to link development data in Bitbucket and Bamboo to the relevant Jira issue. The entire team uses Jira reports to stay on top of sprint progress and also for long term planning. We create and interpret reports and dashboard gadgets that meet the needs of the team.

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