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Atlassian DevOps Essentials

Atlassian DevOps Essentials

For Cloud customers

5 hours

In this course, you will learn:
  • How to create and execute a continuous delivery pipeline
  • How to perform change and incident management using Atlassian tools
  • How to integrate Jira with other DevOps tools

Learn to manage the complete product lifecycle with Atlassian’s approach to DevOps

Get a foundation for Atlassian’s approach to DevOps with this hands-on course. Intended for the technical and non-technical alike, you will go beyond Jira alone to experience the DevOps workflow in Jira, Bitbucket, Jira Service Management, and other third-party tools. Experience how to integrate a Jira project with a code repository, view commits, branches, and pull requests in Jira, view release information in Jira, use Jira automation with DevOps triggers, and much more.

This course is designed for engineering/IT managers (including CTOs & CIOs), engineering/IT team leads, system architects, site reliability engineers, toolchain managers, product managers/owners, program managers/Scrum masters, and support leaders.

Before taking this course, we suggest you take Jira Essentials, Jira Essentials with Agile Mindset, or have equivalent Jira experience. Knowledge of DevOps concepts, practices, and tools is very helpful, but not required before taking this course.

Note: This is not an "Introduction to DevOps" course. Foundational DevOps concepts will only be covered at a very high level.

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Learning Paths


    • Atlassian DevOps overview (30m)
    • Git primer (15m)
    • Integrate Jira with a code repository (50m)
    • View deployments in Jira (45m)
    • Jira automation with DevOps tools (40m)
    • DevOps change and incident management (45m)
    • Integrate Jira with other DevOps tools (30m)