Training Credits

Training Credits offer the most convenient way to purchase Atlassian University training.

Key benefits

  • Purchase just once, saving procurement and approval headaches.
  • Pre-purchase for the upcoming year, even if you haven't planned your training strategy.
  • Earn a 20% discount for orders of 20,000 credits or more.
  • Spend any "use or lose" budgets and take a year to redeem your credits.
  • Share a single account and passkey with your team to pay for training.
  • Run reports on account usage and balance.

Volume Discount

Save 20% when you purchase 20,000 credits or more.

Number of Credits Discount $ per Credit
0 - 19,999 0% $1.00
20,000+ 20% $0.80

If you're considering purchasing between 16,000-19,999 credits, you should purchase 20,000 and take advantage of the 20% discount. Here are some examples:

  • Purchase 3,500 credits for $3,500
  • Purchase 18,000 credits for $18,000
  • Purchase 20,000 credits for $16,000
  • Purchase 30,000 credits for $24,000

Redemption of 1 credit is $1. Credits must be redeemed and consumed within 12 months from purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Training credit owner purchases credits.
  • Upon receipt of payment, the system sends the Training credit owner a confirmation along with a unique passkey code and directions for usage. The Training credit owner can also share the passkey code with team members
  • The Training credit owner or team members can purchase training by entering the passkey code when prompted for payment.
  • The Training credit owner can set up the account to either require approval of credit usage or not. If approval is chosen, the system sends an email to the Training credit owner for approval.
  • Upon approval to purchase training with the passcode key, the system sends a confirmation to the registering user and to the credit owner.

Yes, you can delegate to one or more individuals. They can then view the account balance and approve credit usage.

Unused training credits expire 1 year from the date of purchase. We'll send reminders to use outstanding credits, giving your team ample opportunities to use them.


< 20000
> 20000
(Save 20%)