Planning with Portfolio for Jira (Public Virtual) on Feb 1 Virtual (Americas) - Pacific Time-US

Thank you for your interest in Planning with Portfolio for Jira (Public Virtual) on February 1

This class is no longer accepting new registrations. We encourage you to view other dates on our public schedule.

When is this training taking place?

This class is scheduled to run over the following day(s):
Friday, February 1, 2019 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM

All times are based on the following time-zone: Pacific Standard Time

Where is this training taking place?

This training is taking place in Virtual (Americas) - Pacific Time-US.

What is the price for this training?

This training is priced at $ 700.00 USD per participant.

What language is this class taught in?

This class is taught in English.

Who are your instructors?

Our instructors have superb hands-on experience with the technology they teach and many of them are published authors. This gives them the ability to go beyond the curriculum and to illustrate examples inspired by your specific project goals.

What is the maximum class size?

This class allows up to 10 participants.

In general, we strive to have an optimal class size, such that:

  • Instructor(s) can provide adequate attention to participants' questions and concerns as well as assist with the lab-work.
  • There are enough participants in the class to create an engaging group-dynamic, which facilitates learning.

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