Cloud Catalog

Cloud Training & Certification Catalog

Whether you’re just starting out with Atlassian Cloud products or moving from server/data center to cloud, Atlassian University has tutorials, courses, and Certifications to help you go from “I’m new here” to “I’m a pro” with Jira and Confluence.

Get started

Atlassian University has built these free tutorials to help you get started with Jira and Confluence. These shorter, self-paced courses are great if you don’t know where to begin or if you want to validate some of the things you think-you-thought-you-knew.

Get hands-on

Got the basics covered? Next, we have on demand and instructor-led courses to train you and your team on Jira and Confluence Cloud. These courses include cloud labs to go beyond just watching how it’s done.

Validate your skills

When you need to showcase your skills – to your manager, a future employer, or just to yourself, your team, and your peers — we have Skills Badges and Certifications ready for cloud. These aren’t participation ribbons — they are validation that you know how to help configure and/or administer Jira and Confluence to benefit your team.