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Managing Jira Cloud Projects



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Setup Requirements

Students use an individual virtual lab machine for hands-on exercises. This requires access to a fast broadband Internet connection with a capable computer.

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This course prepares you to manage and configure classic projects in Jira Cloud and partner effectively with Jira Administrators. It covers all the tasks and best practices used in the creation, configuration, and maintenance of projects in Jira Cloud. It also covers topics that go beyond the scope of what project administrators can do, to give you a deeper understanding of how project administration is tied to Jira Cloud administration and maintaining the health of the system as a whole.

This course is designed for Jira power users and Project Administrators to prepare for the Managing Jira Cloud Projects Certification. It's also a suitable entry-point for Jira Administrators who plan to earn their Jira Cloud Administration Certification in the future.

To begin, click on Start Here from the right navigation bar to read the steps on how to take the course.


This course is right for you if you are an experienced Jira Cloud user, Jira Cloud administrator, team lead, agile project/program manager, scrum master, software development project owner or developer.


After attending this course, attendees should be able to:
  • Configure boards and issue types
  • Implement versions and components
  • Configure Jira automation rules
  • Assign team members to project roles
  • Modify project details
  • Run reports and create dashboards
  • Work with the Jira administrator to configure Jira to meet business requirements
  • Prepare for the ACP-620 Jira Cloud Administration exam


  • Creating and Managing Projects
  • Managing Roles and Permissions
  • Managing Boards
  • Boards and Projects
  • Managing Issues
  • Jira Automation
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Scaling Agile
  • Creating and Configuring Next-Gen Projects


7 hours