Project Administration in Jira Server



Complete your Atlassian Certification in 60 days or less!
Project Administration in Jira Server includes self-directed training that enables you to earn an Atlassian Certification in Jira Project Administration.

Learn more here about Atlassian Certification in Jira Project Administration.

  • You'll have access to the course and supplementary tutorials for 60 days upon purchase.
  • Start your 24 consecutive hours of lab access any time within the 60 day course duration.
  • You need to register for AND complete your exam within 60 days of purchase. Atlassian will provide an exam payment voucher via email.
  • IMPORTANT: Please note that incomplete steps may cause a delay in receiving your voucher.

Exam Registration

When you purchase the Project Administration in Jira Server bundle, Atlassian will email you a voucher within 24 hours to register for your exam. The voucher is valid for 60 days from purchase date. Integral webcams in laptops are accepted for online exams.

If you want to take the exam without the course, you can purchase the exam directly when scheduling via Certification Portal for $100.

Learn more here about how to register for and take the exam.

What is On Demand format?

On Demand courses are great if you like to learn on your own, at your own pace, and you want to get started right away. You can pause, skip and replay as much as you like within a 60 day period.

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When you're ready to do the labs, click "Course Resources," then find the item the launch your lab. Heads up! Once you START your labs, you will have only 24 consecutive hours to complete all exercises, so plan your time accordingly. We can't extend labs beyond 24 hours.

We recommend that you watch the all lectures and lab demos before starting the labs yourself!

Remember you only have 60 days from purchase date to complete everything.

If you have problems with your lab machine, please submit a ticket here.

When you've completed the course please submit a survey here to let us know how your course went.


9.6 hours