The Secret to DevOps: Teams

One-day DevOps Simulation Workshop

The challenge: DevOps

Most organizations are looking to implement DevOps, and any successful implementation includes people, process, and technology. The hardest part of any transformation is evolving your people and culture.

Most DevOps transformations fail due to:

  • Poor communication
  • Failure to collaborate
  • Lack of buy-in
  • Lack of accountability

The answer: DevOps simulation workshop

Your teams will identify and build:

  • A 'one-team' culture around DevOps
  • Empathy for other parts of the organization
  • Understanding of dependencies between teams
  • A common and shared language for DevOps
  • Conversations that identify current bottlenecks and blockers

Your teams will walk away from this workshop with a better understanding of the gaps in your DevOps approach and learn new ways to improve it.

The breakdown

You'll be separated into teams that collectively represent business, developers, product owners, infrastructure operations, scrum masters, testers, and a service desk.

During 3 rounds of simulations, teams will deliver new applications/services and operate existing ones. After each round, teams will be graded on:

  • Ability to deliver business impact
  • Ability to ship better software
  • Time to Market
  • Customer Satisfaction

What to bring (and leave at the door)

Bring adaptability, an open mind, different perspectives, and get ready to flex your creative muscle. You'll spend a day simulating a business, solving puzzles, and working on teams all within an energetic, fun environment.

Class size

Anyone interested in DevOps is encouraged to attend! There are no prerequisites, but the workshop is the most successful with 16-20 teammates.

Save the date

The workshop must be used within 1 year of purchase. We recommend booking within the first 3 months.

Choose the location

This in-person workshop can be delivered at your training facilities in most major cities.



This includes up to 20 participants and travel costs for the workshop trainers.

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  • No, unfortunately the workshop is designed to last a full day. A half-day session is only appropriate as a promotional tool, perhaps to entice executives/upper management who may not have time for a full day session, to provide the workshop for their full teams. The outcomes of shared language and understanding of DevOps is really hard to compress into a 1/2 day session. The full day session provides the best value and is geared to groups that are not as mature in their DevOps practices and culture. The rounds, the debrief, and the conversations between rounds are where the learning really occurs
  • The majority of organizations would benefit from this workshop. There are only a handful of companies in the world that run exclusively on the latest cloud-first, microservices architecture, and have the accompanying culture to support it. Most companies have a great opportunity to learn and build a shared language and understanding around DevOps
  • Workshop requires 16-20 participants
  • Customer provides training facilities, catering and other logistics
  • Minimum room requirements
    • Projector with a HDMI or USB-C video connector
    • Room large enough for 25 people
    • Tables
      • 6x participant tables that seat four people
      • 1x facilitator table that seats two people at the front of the room
    • Sticky notes and pens
    • Large writing surfaces (wall posters, dry erase board, chalk board, or similar) and markers