Build a customer focused backlog with Easy Agile User Story Maps

Build a customer focused backlog with Easy Agile User Story Maps

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Total Play Time: 24 min

In this series, we explore how your agile software development team can use ‘agile user story mapping’ to create and maintain a customer focused backlog. We explore:

  • what a story map is & the benefits of story mapping
  • using personas and user stories to clarify customer opportunities
  • creating a story map in Jira
  • running your first story mapping session


Product managers, Scrum Masters, Agile coaches, Agile team members, User Experience (UX) designers. An understanding of agile software development practices such as Scrum and/or Kanban is recommended.




  • Why user story mapping? (6 minutes)
  • Using personas to identify your customer profile (5 minutes)
  • Writing good user stories in agile software development (5 minutes)
  • Setting up your user story map in Jira (4 minutes)
  • How to use your User Story Map for sprint planning and backlog grooming (6 minutes)
  • How to make user story mapping successful with your teams (4 minutes)


  • Why user story mapping is effective and the benefits to the team and organisation
  • How user story mapping encourages teams to be customer-focused
  • Incorporate customer personas into user story maps
  • Set up a user story map in Jira using Easy Agile User Story Maps
  • Conduct a user story mapping session and share the outputs with your team
  • Run backlog grooming using your user story map


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