Confluence Content Management

Confluence Content Management


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Confluence Content Management

Carefully structuring and maintaining your Confluence instance is a vital part of supporting the work of your team and enhancing collaboration across your company. This goal of this Skillbuilder is to equip Confluence Administrators, Confluence Space Administrators and advanced end users with the skills to structure space content effectively and present page content using built-in features. It includes use cases, common/practical examples, best practices and suggested solutions. The course will cover templates, page and space structure, and categorization for content governance and discovery. You'll be able to use the covered techniques and skills to establish order, ensure that your end users get the most out of the application, and guide end users to create their own easy to use and well-formatted content.


Confluence Administrators


  • On-boarding Techniques
  • Create Space Pages
  • Keep your Team informed
  • Create a Directory
  • Introduce your Team
  • Manage Attachments
  • Use Space Tools
  • Use CQL