Customizing Jira Workflows

Customizing Jira Workflows


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Customizing Jira Workflows

Learn how to customize Jira workflows for your team. This Skillbuilder covers configuration techniques, best practices and common pitfalls for for every type of transition, along with advanced examples, and troubleshooting and testing advice. It also covers Jira Service Desk approvals and automation.


Jira Project Administrators, Jira Service Desk Administrators, Scrum Masters and Project Leads


  • Workflow Basics
  • Default Workflows & Customizing
  • Configuring Conditions
  • Configuring Validators
  • ConfiguringĀ Post Functions
  • Configuring Triggers
  • Configuring Properties
  • Configuring the Create Transition
  • Advanced Examples
  • Service Desk Approvals & Automation
  • Editing and Testing
  • Common Problems & Troubleshooting
  • Best Practices
  • Duration

    2.1 hours