Frequently Asked Questions

On Demand. If a Course is designated as "On Demand," you may access and view it at your convenience as many times as you wish within thirty (30) days after your registration date. Additionally, if designated in the applicable Course description, an On Demand Course may include access to a hands-on "product lab" for twenty-four (24) consecutive hours during such thirty (30) day period.

Team (Virtual) or Team (Onsite). If a Course is designated as "Team (Virtual)" or "Team (Onsite)," then up to 15 employees from your organization may attend the Course. Your employees will access the applicable Atlassian products and services under your company account. You are responsible for your employees' compliance with the applicable Training Terms of Use and for any and all actions taken by your employees with respect to the training Service. For Team (Virtual) Courses, rescheduling is allowed up to three (3) days prior to the scheduled Course date without penalty. For Team (Onsite) Courses, rescheduling must be made at least 14 days prior to the scheduled Course date. Otherwise, rescheduling may not be available and/or additional fees may apply.

DevOps Simulation Workshop. Workshop requires customer to provide an adequately sized class/meeting room to accommodate 16-20 participants and two instructors. If the minimum number of participants (16) is not met, the workshop cannot be held but is treated as delivered and fees are forfeited. Any cancelation or reschedule request must be in writing to Atlassian and are subject to the Refund policy (see below).

Tutorials. If a Course is designated as "Tutorials," then you may access and view the content at your convenience as many times as you wish within your subscription period.

On Demand (recorded/individual) Courses

  • Less than 6 hours: $300
  • 6 hours or more: $400

Team (Virtual live) Courses (up to 15 learners)

  • Less than 6 hours: $3000
  • 6 hours or more: $4500

DevOps Simulation Workshop (between 16-20 attendees is required)

  • $10000 (Atlassian reserves the right to charge reasonable travel and expense fees upon your prior approval)

Team (Onsite live) Courses (up to 15 learners)

  • $7500 (Atlassian reserves the right to charge reasonable travel and expense fees upon your prior approval)
  • You can schedule either of the following on one business day
    • Two Courses less than 4 hours, or
    • One Course 6 hours or more

Training Credits are prepaid funds to be applied against the purchase of Atlassian University training ("Courses") available at during the Eligibility Period (defined below). To redeem Training Credits, you must make your purchase via credit card here and consume Courses through Atlassian’s designated platform in accordance with each Course’s availability timetable. Training Credits may not be applied against other purchases and cannot be combined with cash to purchase Courses. You are responsible for managing your training accounts and for any redemptions made using your accounts. Training Credits are applied against Atlassian’s standard training fees at the time of purchase of the Courses. Training Credits expire twelve (12) months from the date that your Training Credits order is accepted by Atlassian (“Eligibility Period”), regardless of the actual redemption/usage of credits. Unused Training Credits do not roll over and are non-transferable, non-creditable and non-refundable. The cost of 1 Training Credit is $1. There is a 20% discount for purchases of 20,000 credits or more; for example, 20,000 credits costs $16,000.

We offer a no-questions-asked refund on Courses you do not schedule, attend or view within thirty (30) days after purchase. However, refunds are not available for Courses that you fail to properly reschedule as set forth above, or that you do not attend. To request a refund, please raise a ticket at this ServiceDesk.

DevOps Simulation Workshop
If Atlassian cancels a workshop delivery, Atlassian will provide you the option to reschedule to a later available date that is within 12 months of the purchase date. Workshop sessions cancelled or rescheduled by customer within 15 business days of the scheduled delivery are subject to a 50% fee of the workshop purchase price. Cancellations or re-schedules within 5 business days are subject to a 100% fee of the workshop purchase price. Cancellation requests must be submitted in writing.

Learning paths map out our recommendations for the order in which to take classes, according to your role. Prerequisites for each class are suggestions to consider as you gain experience through product usage.

Atlassian University's instructor-led course are presented to students live online via WebEx and offers hands-on labs in a virtual lab environment. Each course follows a pre-defined workbook, series of lab exercises, objectives and topics delivered by an Atlassian Authorized Instructor. We also offer onsite training to companies looking to bring these same courses in-house to their teams.

For additional training questions, please raise a ticket at this ServiceDesk

If you’re unsure which platform you’re using, it’s easy to determine - here’s how:

  1. Open a browser window for your Jira or Confluence instance, and view the URL address.
  2. If the URL contains, then you are on a Cloud platform.
  3. If you do not see in the URL, you are using Server or Data Center.

There is an issue specific to the latest version of Google Chrome (66.0.3359.170) that prevents audio from playing in elearning modules.  This is caused by a policy enforced by Google on the Chrome web browser; further information can be found in this article. To work around this issue, you may do the following:

  1. Navigate to chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy
  2. On the first option, the autoplay-policy field is set to "Default". Change this option to "No user gestured required" and relaunch the browser. 

In class, each student will access a hosted lab machine for hands-on practice. The computer that they're using to access the hosted lab machine must be able to access a fast broadband Internet connection and have been pre-tested.

  • Unrestricted Internet access is required: Banks, government, and financial networks are typically restricted, and require intervention from IT to work.
  • Network Bandwidth for Classroom: >150Kb/sec per user (e.g., > 1.5Mb/sec for 10 users)
  • Network Response Time to CloudShare (see below): <150ms (>200ms will show lag time)
  • Browser: FireFox or Chrome (HTML5 capable browser) - recent versions only!
  • See how to test whether your computer and network are adequate (next question).

  • TEST #1: Verify that you can access the Jira login screen.


    You don't need to log in; if you see the blue Jira login screen you're all set.
  • TEST #2: Make sure your computer can access the CloudShare lab environment.
    Click this test page:
    Each student should also run the performance "Speed Test" from this Test page (interpret results below).
    If students see the "All tests passed!" and the Speed Test produces good results, they're are all set.
    If they change computer or location, they should re-test access.
  • Interpreting Speed Test Results Bandwidth: Each student needs at least 100-150kbps, with 200-300kbps being good.
    Latency (the lower the better, but): 50-75ms is very good, 76-99 good, but anything over 100ms will start to show minor lags. Packet loss: should always be 0%.
  • Still having trouble?
    Contact us by reaching us here.

If your computer is unable to connect to JIRA or Confluence URL, please try one or all of the following:
1) Try a different browser (Firefox, Safari or Chrome).
2) Disconnect from VPN.
3) Disconnect from the Proxy Server.
4) Connect to a different WiFi network (e.g.,. guest).
5) Change to a public area or conference room.
6) Try your home network.

CloudShare Corporate Network Requirements

At a minimum, your organization's firewall rules must allow access to certain TCP ports. Please place a request with your IT administrator for access using the following TCP ports and destination IP addresses.


SECONDARY ACCESS METHOD: RDP Access Method (use only if method #1 fails)
  • Test page:
  • 443 (Primary Connection)
  • 3389 (RDP - Secondary Connection - Fail over)
  • 5901 (VNC - Console Access)
  • 22 (SSH - if you will be using a Linux VM)
  • Destination networks: 23.29.99 / 24 66.175.100 / 22 66.175.101 / 22 69.195.213 / 22 69.195.214 / 22 69.195.215 / 22 69.195.232 / 22 69.195.233 / 22 69.195.234 / 22 69.195.235 / 22 70.105.82 / 22
In addition, please request your IT administrator to update the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection to the latest release for your PC. We also suggest using Chrome for any connections.

Atlassian University On Demand courses supports most major browsers, but occasionally content will not display as expected in a supported browser. Though HTML 5 is supported by our player, and the HTML 5 player may work in unsupported browsers, the best experience is to use a supported browser in a supported operating system using Adobe Flash Player.

Verify that you are using a supported browser
Operating System
Flash Player
HTML5 Player
Windows Internet Explorer 8 and later (tick) (error)
Windows Microsoft Edge (Latest Version) (tick) (error)
Windows/Mac Firefox (Latest Version) (tick)  (error)
Windows/Mac Google Chrome (Latest Version) (tick) (tick)
Mac Safari 7 or later (tick) (tick)
Android 4.1 and later Google Chrome (error) (tick)
iOS 7 and later Safari (error) (tick)

(tick) = Supported

(error) = Not Supported


Determine if you are viewing content in the HTML 5 or Adobe Flash Player

The easiest way to check if you are viewing content using the HTML 5 player is by right-clicking (control-clicking on Mac), and if a contextual menu appears, you're using the Flash Player.


If a menu does not show up, you are using the HTML 5 player.

Install and Enable Adobe Flash Player in your browser

Though Adobe Flash Player may already be installed on your machine, it may require enabling in your browser or whitelisting the Charlie Academy website. The links below provide resources from Adobe for installing and enabling Flash in the latest supported browsers.