Getting Started with Insight Asset Management

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Total Play Time: 28 min

Insight Asset Management unleashes the power of enterprise asset management with the Atlassian platform and allows your team to manage all the things that are important to your organization whether it’s hardware, software, people, facilities, compliance, customers, contracts or any other type of data. Learn more about the key concepts of Insight through these tutorials as well as how Insight can add value to Jira Service Desk by connecting your assets and services.


New and existing Jira and Insight end users.


  • Getting started using Insight (5 min)
  • Create and edit Insight objects (5 min)
  • Visualize Insight object relationships (6 min)
  • Search for objects (7 min)
  • Create a Request in Jira Service Desk with Insight Data (3 min)
  • Insight Automation when Transitioning Service Desk Request (2 min)


There is an issue specific to the latest version of Google Chrome (66.0.3359.170) that prevents audio from playing in eLearning modules. This is caused by a policy enforced by Google on the Chrome web browser; further information can be found in this article. To work around this issue, you may do the following: