Getting More from Jira Workflows (Public Virtual)

Getting More from Jira Workflows (Public Virtual)


In this intermediate-level course, you'll learn advanced workflow features and best practices for configuring them. Workflow features include post-functions, conditions, validators and commonly used status and transition properties.

You'll work to find solutions to common requirements coming from real business scenarios that Jira administrators face on a daily basis. By the end of class, you'll be able to build more effective Jira workflows by using all available workflow features.

Duration:  8 hours
Level:  Intermediate


  • Distinguish between the following advanced workflow features, create, implement and test each on functioning workflows: conditions, validators, post-functions, properties
  • Design workflow solutions for common business (process) requirements using the advanced workflow features mentioned above


This course is designed for new Jira Software Administrators who administer Jira Software and/or Jira Core.


Atlassian University's Jira Admin Parts 1 & 2 or equivalent. You should also be comfortable with:

  • Managing users / groups / roles
  • Creating and using screens, fields, projects, issues, and schemes
  • Creating and using workflow statuses, transitions and schemes


  • Basic workflow concepts review (e.g., schemes, general terminology)
  • Modify workflows to address business requirements using conditions, validators, post-functions, properties
  • Best practice for using the following advanced workflow features (including 3rd party add-ons): conditions, validators, post-functions, properties
  • Use transition-based and status-based workflow properties (e.g., to apply status-based permissions)
  • Address complex real-world process requirements using Jira workflows (e.g., establish an approval process)

What is Public Virtual format?

Enjoy real-time interaction with an instructor and students from other companies in our public classes. We offer them virtually, and you join a WebEx session at a scheduled time. No travel is required - you can join from wherever you want, as long as you have a good Internet connection. You’ll also get access to your own lab environment during the class to perform guided exercises. You’ll have access to course materials prior to class so you can take notes during class, and they’re a great reference after the session..

Setup Requirements

Students use an individual virtual lab machine for hands-on exercises. This requires access to a fast broadband Internet connection with a capable computer.

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8 hours

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