Intro to Zephyr for Jira Test Cases

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Total Play Time: 14 min

These tutorials introduce users to creating and using Zephyr for Jira test case issues within Jira. They cover creating, updating and working on Zephyr test case issues, mapping these issues to requirements and user stories, and searching through your Zephyr test case issues.


QA Testers and QA Managers that are planning to create, edit, manage, and search both new and existing test case issues, as well as being able to link/map test case issues within Zephyr for Jira.


  • Zephyr Test Case Issue Basics (3 min)
  • Create a Zephyr Test Case Issue (2 min)
  • Zephyr Test Case Issue Fields (4 min)
  • Mapping Zephyr Test Case Issues (2 min)
  • Searching Zephyr Test Case Issues (3 min)


There is an issue specific to the latest version of Google Chrome (66.0.3359.170) that prevents audio from playing in eLearning modules. This is caused by a policy enforced by Google on the Chrome web browser; further information can be found in this article. To work around this issue, you may do the following: