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Gain Project Insights through JQL

Gain Project Insights through JQL

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Total Play Time: 125 min

Learn JQL to form useful and powerful queries. You'll learn how JQL can unleash the power of Jira to help you understand and improve how you and your team work. You'll learn the basics of using JQL to form powerful queries, configure Jira, and produce enviable reports and dashboards that provide you and your team the insights you need to keep your projects at peak efficiency.


Anyone who searches for issues in Jira! You may be brand new or looking to expand your skills. Get the most out of Jira with JQL.


  • Introduction (2 min)
  • Using Basic Search (9 min)
  • Exploring the Elements of a Query (10 min)
  • Building Up Your Query (18 min)
  • Searching with Dates (9 min)
  • Searching with Text (16 min)
  • Searching with Functions (12 min)
  • Searching with Keywords and Operators (12 min)
  • Displaying Your Search Results (5 min)
  • Other Uses of JQL (10 min)
  • Putting It All Together (12 min)


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