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On Demand Courses

On-demand courses are great if you like to learn on your own, at your own pace, or on your own schedule. They include the same content and hands-on labs as our instructor-led classes, and you can access the recordings and demos for up to 30 days* from your date of purchase. You can pause, skip and replay as much as you’d like. You’ll also get access to your own lab environment to perform guided exercises.

For Server or Data Center courses, you can access the lab environment for a total of 24 hours within the 30 days of course access. The 24-hour timer will start when you first access the lab environment, pause after 30 minutes of inactivity, and begin ticking down again each time the lab environment is resumed.

For Cloud courses, you may use the lab environment as much as you want within the 30 days of course access. Check out the course catalog to enroll in available courses.

*You may access On Demand Certification Prep courses for up to 365 days, rather than 30 days.

Setup Requirements

To participate in hands-on activities for Cloud courses, students will need to request a lab environment from the 'Start here' page within the course.

To participate in hands-on activities for Server and Data Center courses, students will have a Cloudshare virtual lab machine for a 24hr period over 30 days.

Test #1: Verify that you can access the Jira login screen.

You don't need to log in; if you see the blue Jira login screen you're all set.

Test #2: Make sure your computer can access the CloudShare lab environment.

Each student should also run the performance "Speed Test" from this Test page (interpret results below). If students see the "All tests passed!" and the Speed Test produces good results, they're are all set. If they change computer or location, they should re-test access.

Interpreting Speed Test Results

Bandwidth: Each student needs at least 100-150kbps, with 200-300kbps being good.

Latency (the lower the better, but): 50-75ms is very good, 76-99 good, but anything over 100ms will start to show minor lags.

Packet loss: should always be 0%.

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