Our Team uses Agile

Software development advances towards product release through the combined efforts of a product owner, the Scrum master, and the development team. Some of these individuals wear multiple hats, also performing project or board administration.

If I'm the product owner, my primary responsibility is to manage the product roadmap, prioritizing and organizing issues, assigning versions, and fleshing out details so that the Agile team can plan their sprints quickly and efficiently. Of course, in doing so, I rely on input from the Agile team.

I need to stay current on the progress of sprints, epics, and releases, so reporting is critical. In order to plan for product releases, the development team's velocity must be predictable, bottlenecks and obstacles to progress must be quickly recognized and managed. Information from the development tools is also critical to accurate release planning.

The development team needs to be able to track their progress during a sprint in order to quickly react to any roadblocks. Breaking issues down into smaller chunks and delegating some of the chunks to other developers on the team can help streamline the work. The team also benefits from being able to log and track time worked on individual issues. Over time, this can improve the accuracy of estimation.

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