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Onsite Training

Onsite Training

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Atlassian University Onsite

A Team Onsite session is ideal to get your entire team ramped up together!

Each session can host up to 15 lab environments. Choose any 2 half-day classes or 1 full-day class from our standard curriculum. You select the best date & time(s) and we work our best to accommodate. We need at least two weeks after receipt of payment to coordinate all logistics, so please plan accordingly.

Why Team Training?

  • 7,500 per day, which includes instructor travel & expenses (in most regions) and courseware for up to two classes per day.
  • You save on your team’s travel costs.

  • We'll send an instructor to your site!
  • You're not restricted to our public schedule.
  • You get to select the date and time that's convenient for your group (subject to instructor availability).
  • Give us a 1st and 2nd choice for date/time preference; we can usually meet one of them. We do require a couple weeks notice.

  • With only people from your company in the class, the issues and questions are more relevant to your team.
  • While we don't offer customized content, our instructor will speak with you prior to class to understand your team and areas to emphasize and de-emphasize.

Scheduling Atlassian University Onsite

Determine which classes you'd like for your team by reviewing course descriptions. Contact us here to verify that we can staff the onsite engagement. We will also send you a detailed list of site requirements in order to hold training at your company - see setup requirements below.

Any cancelation or reschedule request must be in writing to Atlassian and is subject to the Refund policy here.

Setup Requirements for Atlassian University Onsite

Each student uses an individual virtual lab machine for hands-on exercises and must be prepared and able to access a fast broadband Internet connection with a capable computer. Please review our Technical FAQ sections page here.

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DevOps Simulation Workshop

In this action-packed workshop, we'll tackle the practical and cultural challenges organizations face when attempting a DevOps transformation, and leave you with valuable and actionable advice for your own DevOps journey. You'll be separated into teams that collectively represent business, developers, product owners, infrastructure operations, scrum masters, testers, and a service desk. During 3 rounds of simulations, teams will deliver new applications/services and operate existing ones. After each round, teams will be graded on:

  • Ability to deliver business impact
  • Ability to ship better software
  • Time to market
  • Customer Satisfaction

No technical expertise or DevOps knowledge required.

Scheduling DevOps Simulation Workshop

  • Workshop requires customer to provide an adequately sized class/meeting room to accommodate 16-20 participants and two instructors.
  • Requested Workshop date is not confirmed until payment is received by Atlassian and instructor availability is confirmed.
  • Extra travel fees may be incurred if instructor must travel outside of primary geography, or if travel costs increase due to flights on specifically requested dates.
  • Atlassian requires at least 21 calendar days from payment date to confirm session date and any additional travel costs, based on instructor availability.
  • We suggest you book the workshop on all attendees' calendars to ensure availability and participation.
  • Workshop requires a minimum of 16 participants and a maximum of 20. If the minimum number of participants (16) is not met, the workshop cannot be held but is treated as delivered and fees are forfeited.
  • Any cancelation or reschedule request must be in writing to Atlassian and is subject to the Refund policy here.

Payment Notes

Training credits are not an accepted payment method for the DevOps Simulation Workshop.