Self-paced Tutorials

Give your team access to dozens of short, interactive tutorials to get them using Jira. (Video!)

Jumpstart your team's adoption of Jira

The tutorials cover a wide variety of topics

  • Basic terminology and concepts
  • Using Jira to get work done
  • Advanced topics like writing JQL queries

Learn important Jira tasks

Watch how to get things done and listen to optional voice-over narration

  • See how tasks are done, and learn tips and tricks through real-life scenarios
  • Choose what you want to learn, whenever you want to

Validate knowledge with quizzes

Quizzes are interactive and fun, and they help you learn

  • Answer optional quiz questions to make sure you’re getting it
  • Learn from answer feedback. Did you get it right? If not, learn why.

More Details

We know that getting your team up and running on Jira can be a challenge. So Atlassian is offering “Training for Jira,” a library of short, interactive tutorials, designed to get teams over the learning hump and using Jira quickly.

The tutorials:

  • Are fun and easy to use
  • Cover the most popular user topics and tasks
  • Introduce essential concepts
  • Showcase in-product demos
  • Include non-graded quizzes so you can determine if you're really learning
  • Have optional voice-over narration and closed caption text