Self-paced Tutorials

1st Year Price: Server App

Although this is not available for purchase yet, these prices should help you plan your budget

Users Pricing
10 users $10
25 users $200
50 users $360
100 users $660
250 users $1,320
500 users $1,980
2,000 users $2,640
10,000 users $3,300
10,000+ users $3,960

How pricing works

Server products and apps are hosted on your servers. Licenses are perpetual and the purchase price include 12 months of maintenance (support and version updates).

You can renew maintenance after 12 months at 50% of the current purchase price. You can upgrade the tier of your host product and app licenses at any time. Upgrade prices are calculated based on Atlassian's formula (view example).

Available for purchase through the Marketplace in February 2018

We’re working hard to provide these tutorials as a Server app (add-on) so your users can access the tutorials right from within Jira! Check back here for availability, or file a ticket here and we’ll let you know when it’s ready.