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Team Onsite


A Team Onsite session is ideal to get your entire team ramped up together! Each session can host up to 15 lab environments. Choose any 2 half-day classes or 1 full-day class from our standard curriculum. You select the best date & time(s) and we work our best to accommodate. We need at least two weeks after receipt of payment to coordinate all logistics, so please plan accordingly.

Why Team Training?


  • With only people from your company in the class, the issues and questions are more relevant to your team.
  • While we don't offer customized content, our instructor will speak with you prior to class to understand your team and areas to emphasize and de-emphasize.


  • We'll send an instructor to your site!
  • You get to select the date and time that's convenient for your group (subject to instructor availability).
  • Give us a 1st and 2nd choice for date/time preference; we can usually meet one of them. We do require a couple weeks notice.


  • Starts at $7500 per day, which includes instructor, travel expenses (in most regions) and courseware for up to two classes per day.
  • You save on your team’s travel costs.

How to Schedule Onsite Team Training Days

  • Determine which class titles your team need by reviewing all course descriptions and durations.
    • Each day includes up to 9 hours of combined class duration.
  • Check the setup requirements below to ensure we can hold training at your location.
  • Ready to schedule? Purchase your training here. Once we receive your order, we will work closely with you to match your preferred dates with an available Atlassian Authorized Instructor
  • No later than two days after your purchase, you will be contacted by Atlassian University to launch logistics and next steps

  • If you have further questions, contact us here

Setup Requirements

In class, students will access a hosted lab machine from their computer for hands-on practice. The computer that they're using to access the hosted lab machine must be able to access a fast broadband Internet connection and must have been pre-tested. We provide the classes through WebEx. Or you may provide your own meeting host.

Please review our Technical FAQ sections page here.