Team Onsite Training


A Team Onsite session is ideal to get your entire team ramped up together! Each session can host up to 12 lab environments. Choose any 2 half-day classes or 1 full-day class from our standard curriculum. You select the best date & time(s) and we work our best to accommodate. We need at least two weeks after receipt of payment to coordinate all logistics, so please plan accordingly.

Why Team Training?


  • Starts at $7500 per day, which includes instructor, travel expenses (in most regions) and courseware for up to two classes per day.
  • You save on your team’s travel costs.


  • We'll send an instructor to your site!
  • You're not restricted to our public schedule.
  • You get to select the date and time that's convenient for your group (subject to instructor availability).
  • Give us a 1st and 2nd choice for date/time preference; we can usually meet one of them. We do require a couple weeks notice.


  • With only people from your company in the class, the issues and questions are more relevant to your team.
  • While we don't offer customized content, our instructor will speak with you prior to class to understand your team and areas to emphasize and de-emphasize.

How to Schedule Team Onsite Training

Determine which classes you'd like for your team by reviewing course descriptions. Check the setup requirements below to ensure we can hold training at your company. Purchase your onsite training here. We can then discuss matching your dates of preference with those of an Atlassian Authorized Instructor

If you have further questions, contact us here

Setup Requirements

In class, students will access a hosted lab machine from their computer for hands-on practice. The computer that they're using to access the hosted lab machine must be able to access a fast broadband Internet connection and must have been pre-tested. We provide the classes through WebEx. Or you may provide your own meeting host.

Please review our Technical FAQ sections page here.