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Team Virtual Training

A Team Virtual session is ideal to get your entire team ramped up together! Each session hosts up to 15 attendees. You choose the date & time(s) and we work our best to accommodate. We need 8-10 business days upon receipt of payment to guarantee booking and begin all logistics, so please plan accordingly.

Why Team Training?


  • Save up to $100 USD per learner when compared against On Demand purchases
  • Learner costs for half-day On Demand courses are $300 each while the Team Training delivery method is $3,000 for 15 students at a cost of $200 each
  • Learner costs for full-day On Demand courses are $400 each while the Team Training delivery method is $4,500 for 15 students, at a cost of $300 each


  • You get to select the date and time that's convenient for your group (only subject to instructor availability).
  • Give us a 1st and 2nd choice for date/time preference. We usually are able to meet one of them. We do require a couple weeks notice.
  • Once we receive your order, we will work closely with you to match your preferred dates with an available Atlassian Authorized Instructor.


  • Team Trainings are by invitation only so participants enjoy more robust and relevant course content discussions
  • Get face to face, real-time interaction with an Atlassian Authorized Instructor
  • While we don't offer customized content, our instructor will speak with you prior to class to understand your team and areas to emphasize and de-emphasize.

Courses available in Team (Virtual) format

Setup Requirements

In class, students will access a hosted lab machine from their computer for hands-on practice. The computer that they're using to access the hosted lab machine must be able to access a fast broadband Internet connection and must have been pre-tested. We provide the classes through WebEx.

Please review our Technical FAQ sections page here.