A Tempo Timesheet Primer

A Tempo Timesheet Primer

Your Jira experience differs, based on how your organization has deployed it. You may be running in the Cloud or as a Server deployment, so enroll for whichever you’re using. To determine which you’re using, open a browser with your Jira instance and view the URL address. If the URL includes your_sitename.atlassian.net, you’re on a Cloud platform (acme.atlassian.net would be a Cloud instance). If not, then you’re on Server.

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Total Play Time: 22 min

This course introduces My Work in Tempo Timesheets for both Jira Cloud and Server users, and shows ways of customizing it to make it your "home base" for time entry. Users learn how to log and plan time, then customize the Issue side panel to make logging time go faster. Tempo Cloud users also learn how to integrate a Google Calendar into the My Work Calendar, allowing them to see their complete schedule at a glance.


Jira and Tempo Server/Cloud end users.


  • A Quick Tour of Tempo Timesheets (4 min)
  • Logging Your Time in Tempo Timesheets (4 min)
  • Planning Your Time in Tempo Timesheets (4 min)
  • Find Your Issues Quickly in Tempo Timesheets (5 min)
  • Connect Your Google Calendar to Tempo Timesheets (5 min)


There is an issue specific to the latest version of Google Chrome (66.0.3359.170) that prevents audio from playing in eLearning modules. This is caused by a policy enforced by Google on the Chrome web browser; further information can be found in this article. To work around this issue, you may do the following: